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Murder Mysteries: whodunnit?

A whodunit or whodunnit (for “Who’s done it?”) is a  type of detective story in which the puzzle is the main interest. The reader is provided with clues from which the identity of the perpetrator of the crime may be … Continue reading

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International Food Exhibition

The school welcomes the 2013 school food exhibition for the 7th year running and all students are invited to take part in it. Are you a good cook? Do you have a secret old family recipe? Share it with us and … Continue reading

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How to Approach an Exam

The planning of the exam paper should consist of the following stages: 1. Scan the whole paper quickly, to get an overview of all the questions. An old story explains that a teacher got tired of giving this advice to … Continue reading

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Travel Trouble

Lost luggage, illness abroad, a stolen passport, a missed flight… have you ever had any travel trouble? If so, which type? Complete the poll below to see what the most common travel trouble is (remember you can tick more than … Continue reading

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How much are you into movies?

After seeing in class some information about movies, how to talk about them and how to express our ideas, let’s have some fun! How many films can you guess from this video? Do you know their names? Learning through media … Continue reading

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Test your Cultural Awareness

According to a popular joke: “Heaven is the place where the lovers are Italian, the police are English, the mechanics are German, the cooks are French and the place is run by the Swiss. Hell is where the lovers are … Continue reading

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